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Personal Data Processing Consent

Under this Personal Data Processing Consent (Consent)by providing my Personal Data through the Site addressed at whitewill.ae (including subdomains of all levels) (Site), as well as by performing other actions to express Processing Consent as specified in the Personal Data and Cookie Policy by the requirements of the Personal Data legislation and the Personal Data and Cookie Policy available at whitewill.ae/reflection-tower/policy (Policy), I (Personal Data Subject) provide specific, substantive, informed, conscious, and unambiguous consent to the Processing of my Personal Data to WHITEWILL Limited Liability Company (TIN: 5032309922, register number: 1195081051846, address: 143084, Moscow region, p. Usovo, Odintsovo, building 100, room. 13, e-mail: info@whitewill.ae hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”, for the following purposes:

  1. Ensuring compliance with the requirements of the legislation;
  2. Communication with the Personal Data Subject on the request for feedback left on the Site or responding to the messenger (What's App, Telegram, and(or) other messenger used by the Personal Data Operator) in response to a message sent by the Personal Data Subject to such a messenger, to provide information of interest to the Personal Data Subject, including, but not limited to, the services of the Personal Data Operator and the conditions for their provision;
  3. Sending marketing materials and information by email and(or) SMS (before unsubscribing);
  4. Registration and regulation of contractual relations between the Subject of Personal Data and the Operator;
  5. Performing actions allowed by the legislation and necessary for interaction between the Operator and the Personal Data Subject within the framework of realization of the existing legal relations between them;
  6. Reflection of information in the internal databases of the Operator;
  7. Transfer of Personal Data to third parties by agreements concluded with such persons by the Personal Data Operator, in the manner and on the terms provided in the Policy.

Approved Range of Personal Data for Processing:

  1. Name;
  2. Phone number;
  3. Other categories of Personal Data in case of their Processing.

Approved Actions:

  1. Processing of the Personal Data will be carried out through mixed (automated, non-automated) Processing of Personal Data;
  2. Collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), extraction, use, transfer, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, and destruction of Personal Data.

Processing Method:

The Processing of the Personal Data will be carried out through mixed Processing of Personal Data.

I do not establish categories, a list of Personal Data for the Processing of which the Personal Data Subject establishes conditions and prohibitions, or a list of set requirements and prohibitions.

The conditions under which the received Personal Data can be transferred by the Operator only through its internal network, which provides access to information only for strictly defined employees, either using information and telecommunication networks or without transferring the received Personal Data, are not established.

This consent to the Personal Data Processing is valid from the moment it is provided to the Operator and during the period established by the Policy. It can be withdrawn anytime by applying to the Operator in a simple written form.

Situation Requiring Erasure of the Personal Data:

  1. Termination of the Operator's activity,
  2. Liquidation of the Operator,
  3. Reorganization of the Operator,
  4. Expiration of the storage period provided for by the Policy.

I have carefully studied this Consent; all points are clear and understandable. I certify that the consent is specific, informed, substantive, conscious, and unambiguous.

I am familiar with the Policy adopted by the Operator.

I confirm that I am thoroughly acquainted with the content of the Consent, I have no objections, and I consent to all actions with my Personal Data specified in this Consent. I act consciously of my own free will and in my interests.