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Whitewill Team

People and technologies are main assets you need, to become a number 1 market leader

Whitewill Company was founded in summer 2016 and from the very start we'd focused on 2 main areas: people and technologies. On this page I will introduce you to our team of brokers with whom I build the best real estate agency.

Oleg Torbosov, Whitewill founder

Real Estate Advisors

Sergey, Head of a Departament

Daniel, Real estate advisor

Gulya, Real estate advisor

Dilafruz, Real estate advisor

Kristina, Real estate advisor

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We help successful people and their families live happily in decent and modern homes in the best cities around the globe.
Work in Whitewill

Back office and Marketing Department

Julie, Chief Human Resource Officer

Sofia, HR manager

Denis, Head of Product

Yana, Executive Assistant

Artyom, Head of Marketing

Victoria, Marketing Manager

Anna, Marketing Manager

Kate, Marketing Manager

Regina, Marketing Manager

Alex, Marketing Manager

Alexandra, Marketing Manager

Aelita, Marketing Manager

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